Watermark (Printing Identification)

  • Customisable style and content of watermark according to applications, reports, groups and more ...
  • watermark is inserted automatically during printing. No program change is required.
  • Rule-based setting

Audit trail of every single printing process

Record all the details of every single printing process, regardless from software packages (e.g., MS Office), Web Applications or in-ouse developed applications, including who, where, when, what and how

Secure Print

Additional authenication is required to get the physical copy to prevent from unpacked sheets piled in the printer's trays, as well as to eliminate potential data loss that confidential reports were picked up intentionally or unintentionally 

Statistics and Cost Allocation Report

Provides various management reports such as printing usage and cost allocation reports, etc.

Builtin WorkFlow Engine

Builtin workflow engine transforms paper to e-flow. Upgrade productivity and efficiency whilst reducing operational cost.

Retention of Original Printouts

Archive of original content and the look & feel benefits full-text capability and viewing accuracy

Printing Quota Control Mechanism

Personal/ departmental meters provides flexible and powerful printing management rules 

Full-text Search Engine

Transform paper into digital archival. With builtin full-text search capability, searching becomes an easy task

ECO-Friendly Reminders

Message is prompted when exceeding the threshold 
to reminder employee on ECO-Friendly actions so as to reinforce the actual reduction on company's carbon footprint as well as real dollars
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